BI Project Management

Business Intelligence projects require specific abilities: being able to apprehend the whole business of the company, understand the managers' vision and objectives, and be able to communicate with the IT department are among the core competences of the BI project manager.

BI Solutions Engineering

Business Intelligence engineers tackle technical, business and organizational problems as a whole. Their job is to capture the requirements, analyse the actors' needs and the business constraints, and conceive a lasting, ad-hoc solution. These activities are probably the most creative in the BI project process.

BI Solutions Implementation

At BBI's, BI solutions are implemented using Microsoft SQL Server BI Suite. This tool is cheap with regards to other vendors, if we consider that our target market is the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). To be able to offer even less expensive solutions, we are also considering ad-hoc free and open source software frameworks, like eclipse BIRT and Pentaho Data Integration.
Because in our target industries Oracle Database is often our customers' primary data source, we are also good at Oracle Database performance tuning. This involves these three basic steps:
  • Identifying high load or top SQL statements that are responsible for a large share of the reporting workload and system resources, by reviewing past SQL execution history available in the system.
  • Verifying that the execution plans produced by the query optimizer for these statements perform reasonably.
  • Implementing corrective actions to generate better execution plans for poorly performing SQL statements.
Microsoft Certified
MCTS 70-448
We are committed to help our customers make distinctive, lasting,
and actionable use of analytics in their organization by providing affordable
high added-value BI solutions to their industry-specific needs.

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