Are you a lab manager:
  • looking for a complete and adequate lab statistics package that gives answers to financial, customer, internal process and medical questions ?
  • trying to increase your customer satisfaction by offering better response time to ad-hoc reporting and statistical questions ?
  • willing to increase the quality of the data stored in your LIMS through automatic quality assurance reports - and by doing so, improving the general quality of your services ?
  • ...while deploying an affordable and evolutive BI solution?
Are you a software company smart enough to realize that:
  • to provide relevant Business Intelligence to your customers requires knowledge ranging from finance, marketing, sales, business processes, strategic planning and statistics ?
  • to develop middle management reporting requires Quality Assurance, Master Data Management, and have a broad understanding of your customers' specific industry ?
  • to deliver real time reporting and analytics requires to master ORACLE and/or SQL Server databases, and an expert knowledge of the reports authoring tools ?
  • to provide your customers with analytics requires expertise in Multidimensional Modelling on one end, while being able to tackle hardware device protocols on the other end ?
  • ...while today Business Intelligence is a mandatory component for your operational systems ?
Are you a Small or Medium-size Enterprise eager to:
  • draw a better picture of your financial situation - everyday ?
  • draw a better picture of your customers and providers ?
  • better know which are your winning products & services - and why ?
  • draw a better picture of your processes and employees ?
  • correctly allocate direct and indirect expenses to costs centers ?
  • identify and manage operational processes inefficiencies ?
  • better know your customers, produce better products, provide better services and develop trends predictions ?
  • know if your performance meets your strategic objectives ?
  • provide periodic and/or automated value-added reports to your customers - a domain where you can easily make the difference with your competitors ?
  • ...while deploying an affordable and easily maintainable BI solution ?